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Landlord Smart fund lease furniture for landlords as well as other key assets in your rental properties; in the words of J Paul Getty “If it appreciates, buy it, if it depreciates, lease it.”

  1. Choose your trade supplier – Get the quality you want, not just what you can afford
  2. Pay in monthly instalments – All payments are 100% deductible in your property business as a ‘before tax expense’
  3. Keep your cash – No capital needed so you can invest that cash in your next property venture and grow your business


Ashley Weekes
Being introduced to Landlord Smart as a young property entrepreneur was a real lifeline for me as I was struggling to raise the necessary upfront capital.
Ashley Weekes

Pure Luxury Living

Carl Bennett
This service is ideal for companies looking to off-set initial costs and preserve cash flow, allowing us to quickly grow in the most cost-effective way.
Carl Bennett

Bournebrook Property Ltd

Andi Cooke & Lloyd Girardi
Landlord Smart have helped keep £13,000 in our business AND we were reimbursed £16,000 for purchases that had already been made.
Andi Cooke & Lloyd Girardi

White Box Property Solutions Ltd

Sherron Williams
I would highly recommend Landlord Smart to anyone seeking finance to secure rental furniture. You will not be disappointed - great team, great service!
Sherron Williams

UrSpaceToo Ltd

Ashley Weekes
Landlord Smart have made it very easy to get finance to furnish our serviced apartments and we’ve used them three times over the past few months.
Ashley Weekes

Pure Luxury Living

Andi Cooke & Lloyd Girardi
Using Landlord Smart is definitely the best way to finance furnishing our projects because it’s tax efficient and we can now use that cash to grow our business.
Andi Cooke & Lloyd Girardi

White Box Property Solutions Ltd

Siobhan Callaghan
Through Landlord Smart we were able to reduce our start-up costs significantly AND we have achieved the right finish, enabling us to charge a higher nightly rate.
Siobhan Callaghan

Brighter Property Solutions Ltd

Ashley Weekes
Our cashflow business has reaped the rewards from the smaller incremental payments, not to mention the tax benefits!
Ashley Weekes

Pure Luxury Living


Landlord Smart was designed by landlords for landlords. We know the pain of finding cash to pay for capital items and the negative effect this has on your business’ cash flow, followed by years of waiting to ‘perhaps’ get the money back via capital allowances. The specialist lease furniture for landlords funding that we we offer takes away that pain and pays for costly capital items such as furniture, leaving you with manageable monthly payments that are allowable ‘before tax expenses’, meaning you’re running your business in the most tax efficient way!


To pre-qualify for our lease furniture for landlords funding service you must be running property as a business, either as a limited company or an LLP. You, a business partner, or guarantor must own at least one property (this doesn’t have to be your own home) and you must be looking to spend a minimum of £2,000. You should allow 2-3 weeks for your application to be processed and also factor in your chosen supplier delivery lead times.


To find out how much leasing may cost you, you can use our cost calculator. We also have a comprehensive FAQ section that will answer any questions you may have.

Landlord Smart have access to many lease finance associates. This gives us the flexibility to find the right finance to match your individual circumstances, whether you’re a brand new business, you’re using a rent 2 rent strategy so don’t own your projects or you have several companies for different property investments. We pride ourselves on matching you with your ideal lease finance partner.




We charge a fixed fee for our services which is calculated on the amount of lease finance you are seeking. So, what do we as Landlord Smart do to earn that fee? The answer is lots!

  • Sourcing: We source and work with a variety of providers who offer the most appropriate lease funding for your specific property projects and financial circumstances.
  • Expertise: We are successful landlords and property developers so we will instantly ‘get’ your business and needs, but we also have a deep understanding of the finance markets, which makes us the perfect partner to facilitate you getting the right finance product.
  • Screening: We will only submit applications for finance if we know you have a strong chance of approval. We speak to each of our clients to gather all relevant information and fully explain our offering and terms.
  • Tax: For a customer to benefit from tax relief on all costs associated with their lease, they are not able to take ownership of the items directly at any time. We offer the solution to continue use without paying more rental charges forever.
  • Administration: We have a dedicated admin team that will work with you, your supplier(s) and our finance partners to ensure your application is processed smoothly and in your required timeframes.

Finance Total

% Fee

Up to £10,000 10%
£10,000 to £20,000 8%
£20,000 + 6%



There are over two million landlords and property professionals in the UK alone; thousands of these landlords run businesses providing fully furnished rental accommodation. The cost of furnishing each project may not seem huge, but when you multiply these costs by the number of projects landlords undertake every year, this equates to a vast amount of capital outlay, affecting cashflow and capital expenditure within their businesses.


Whilst we want to increase the wealth and success of our clients, we also feel it’s important to give back to the community and share this wealth and success, which is why we have partnered with an organisation called Buy 1 Give 1. This means that every time we provide lease finance for a project, we provide 35 days of shelter to an underprivileged family in India.


To provide a lease furniture for landlords finance service that enables landlords to furnish properties to desired standards whilst keeping capital for reinvestment in further projects, helping to grow their businesses more quickly and efficiently with the added benefit that all fees and monthly payments are 100% tax deductible.

Step 1: Supplier quote(s) sent to Landlord Smart


We have a list of pre-approved suppliers or we can contact your chosen supplier and see if they are willing to work with us. We are only able to work with suppliers who are happy to be paid upon delivery of goods so unfortunately we are unable to work with retail suppliers such as Appliances Online or Argos.

Step 2: Phone call to discuss your project


We speak to each and every client before embarking on an application to ensure that our service is right for you and your project and to answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Application completed and fee paid


We will work with you to quickly and efficiently complete your application. In order to process your application to stage 4, we require payment of the Landlord Smart fee.

Step 4: Application submitted for finance review


A company credit check will be performed. If your company has been trading for under 3 years, a check will be made against you as an individual. This is a ‘soft enquiry’ and is not visible on your credit report (except to you) and does not impact your credit score. If your application is rejected Landlord Smart will refund 75% of the fee. If you decide at this stage to not proceed with your application, you will receive a 25% refund of your Landlord Smart fee.

Step 5: Agreement signed & direct debit set-up


You will be required to provide various pieces of documentation to accompany your application and will need to e-sign the lease agreement and start paying your direct monthly debit.

Step 6: Order confirmed


Once all lease documentation is finalised for a standard lease your delivery date is confirmed and your goods are delivered to your project. For a Post Delivery Finance lease you will be refunded the payment you have made to the supplier once finance is paid out. You are required to have insurance cover for these items to cover loss, damage or theft during the lease term (this can be arranged with the finance company or with your own insurers).